Monday, November 22, 2010


In Seattle itself, this does NOT happen very often.  I'm from Eastern Washington, it snows there.  A lot.  And often.  I don't like how people in this city can't really handle it...but oh well.  Right now, it's beautiful!  I got to wake up to snow, turned on the local news (I think this feeling of enjoying local news on snowy days is leftover from checking radio broadcasts to find out if my school was closed or not as a child).  I can't help but feel excited!  Our little Yorkshire Terrier Ginny, not even 2 years old yet, has only seen snow that is already on the ground, not falling from the sky, and only at my parents' house.  She was...confused.  Though that doesn't stop her from barking at the falling flakes...
So here's our yard right now (and boy am I glad my husband and I cleaned up all the fallen leaves yesterday!):
 And Ginny trying to figure out what the white stuff is and where the ground went:

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