Monday, April 8, 2013

Kieran's New Room

When he was born, we had to make room in our office for him in the old house. It was already decorated I a Husky theme, so we got purple crib linens, a Husky mobile and called it good. In our new house, we got to start from scratch and finally design a room just for him. But, I had to find some inspiration. We had been given an oil painting of a train that hung in my husband's childhood room and then an adorable art photo of Noah's ark from Kieran's godmother Cat for his baptism. Amazingly, both pieces of artwork had orange and grey in them. So, I took that and ran with it! The house is already in a kind of greyscale as far as colors go, so we added an orange accent wall ad with a lot of help from IKEA and The Land of Nod (and Pinterest of course!). We came up with a room that we love. And better yet, so does he. Here it is!

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