Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Little Tag from Santa

Kieran's big gift from Santa this year is too much for under the tree.  It will be out the in the garage with a bow on it.  So, Santa will be leaving this little tag as a note to him about it.  I found some fun Christmasy free fonts via Pinterest for the text.  I was able to get my Mac to use the color meter selector to print in a red in that's the same RBG values as A Muse's cherry color!  Then, I just die cut the words out using this tag die.  I die cut a second tag in red and then used a rectangle die to cut a window out of it so that the red would be a frame around the white and text.  I ran the red frame through my Xyron and then coated it in glitter.  I figure if Santa were to leave a note, there would be sparkles.  Sparkles seem so much more magical.  The red frame as attached to the text white tag with foam mounting tape.

Paper: A Muse sugar, cherry, and gold shimmer couture cardstock
Misc.: A Muse tag bundle die set, Spellbinders rectangle die set, A Muse large jingle bells, A Muse fern silky ribbon, A Muse cherry baker's cording, foam mounting tape, Xyron 5" create-a-sticker, and foam mounting tape


  1. WOW! Emily that sparkles! I love that you used technology to print in A Muse Studio Cherry! I just found your blog and can't get enough of the inspiration inside.

  2. Aww thank you!!! I don't have a lot of readers, so it's exciting to have a new one! I've been following yours for a while actually, so it's a great compliment that you like what I made =)

    1. AH! Cool! I just "met" another Seattle A Muse fan online like this. She has an Etsy shop not a blog. I complemented her shop and it turns out she follows my blog too. It's a small world and paper crafts have us running in the same circles. Too bad there isn't a ton of A Muse inspiration out there though. I can't wait to see the rest of your Christmas cards AND what you are doing for Valentines!
      OH btw, I think it was pinterest that lead me to your blog.

    2. Thank goodness for the internet right?! I agree that there is too little A Muse stuff out there. I don't want to own up to the amount of time I end up searching for ideas on Pinterest. What's her Etsy shop? I should add it to my favorites!

      Holly's stuff is beautiful and her store is inspiring!
      Did you see that A Muse Studio has a coupon code for January? JANUARY10 - for 10% off your customer order. Enabling because I want you to keep creating with A Muse! Keep the inspiration rolling!