Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's been a LONG time!

Well, since Kieran was born I really haven't stamped much.  At first it was because of course we had a new born baby and didn't have time or energy.  But as Kieran got older I found that we did have time for fun and hobbies again during nap times or in the evenings after he went down for the night.  But...there was a problem.  My craft space was IN Kieran's room.  When we moved into this house and set up things for crafty and then later on a baby, we thought it was the only space in the house to put those things.  So I just let my stamping fall by the wayside, though I did manage to make Christmas cards, but only one design for everyone that I made sitting on the floor at our coffee table in the evenings.  And so thing went until about a month ago when I was at the A Muse shop taking a class from Novell, as always it was a blast with great cards and people.  I came home from it with new determination about figuring out a way to move my craft space.  My husband was skeptical, but supportive as always.  A few hours later with help from our friends, Cat and Aaron, and some pizza and beer, we had moved my craft space into our guest room!  I have to say, it's awesome!  We just had to rearrange some furniture and get rid of a chair down there and it's SO super!  Kieran's room now has MUCH more space to play as well.  Everyone wins!  And any house guests can craft if they want to!

So here's the before (what you can't see is how if you sit at the chair and look up, you look straight at a crib):
After the move into the guest room:

AND my super sweet husband got me an AppleTV so I can watch netflix, videos from iTunes, AND listen to all of our music from our desktop computer upstairs!  AND I have this lovely view of our little garden to look at as well with our wisteria about to burst into bloom on the trellis over the door!
So, that is that!  New craft space! Time to stamp!  And a years worth of amazing new A Muse products to catch up on!  There should be a lot more posts to come.


  1. Yay new craft space! Looks great!

  2. Thanks (and thanks again for helping us move it all)!!! I LOVE it! Moving it made our whole house better! Now I feel like we would even have room for a twin bed in Kieran's room, thus extended the life of this house before our family outgrows it!

  3. It looks great! Glad you have the space to play again :)