Sunday, March 2, 2014

Baby Shower No. 2 Decorations

Well, I've searched and searched and searched and I can't seem to find any photos showcasing all the fun decorations we made for the Owl Themed Baby Shower!  Which is super sad since it was a great shower and they were, you know, rather cute if I do say so myself.  We did a
little wisdom tree for people to write bits of advice for the future parents and then hang on branches.  Afterwards I took them all and put them in a little commemorative album.  There were giant tissue pom-poms, cups with cute drinks sleeves, stamped napkins, cupcake toppers, owl tipped wooden skewers for the chocolate fountain, due date guessing, and fun iron on onesie decorating.  Just imagine the awesome.

But, it looks like I did manage to capture things a little better for the Sock Monkey themed shower.  For this, we did giant accordion rosettes with pinwheels, cute bottle wraps, popcorn containers for the monkey munch, cupcake toppers, disposable diapers to write humorous things for the future parents to read for late night changes, due date guessing, and onesie decorating with stencils and spray ink.  All in all, pretty fun and delicious

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