Friday, June 16, 2017

June No. 4

Continuing with the ocean/beach/nautical theme so far this month, today's card has some great fish!  My son is a big swimmer (we do 2x per week swimming year round) and recently his beloved coach left our club for grad school.  Super sad for us, though super exciting for him.  I used this card as a thank you note for doing such an amazing job coaching our little fish in the pool!

I wanted to give the fish a sort of washed out watercolor-y look.  I had learned a technique at a class with Julie Ebersole called "huffing" (ha yep, just like it sounds!)  You color directly on the red rubber stamp and Tombow markers in several colors and then huff hot air onto it with your mouth.  It helps the ink colors blend together.  I put a clear glaze over the fish to make them a bit shiny as well.

Paper: A Muse ocean, poppy, mermaid, and sugar cardstock

(Coach Chris, my son, and his swimmate on their very last day together!  I seriously can't handle the cuteness!)

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