Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Calendar Page

I meant to post this on the 1st of the month, but it slipped past me.  I can't believe it's already February.  This means I have a little over a month till my due date of March 5th!  January flew by at our house, especially because I lost track of time later on in the month because I was in the hospital with a food borne illness!  YUCK!  It was not fun AT ALL.  I was sick for a about a week, severely sick for another week (this is where I spent a few days in the hospital), and then at least another week trying to recover once we finally got a diagnoses and some antibiotics.  Luckily, this particular bacteria is one that does not cross the placenta, so the baby was fine the whole time.  Also, I got to stay in the Labor and Delivery ward of the hospital.  This was a lot nicer than the other units and felt like practice for the real thing, I even had contractions (lucky me).

So anyways, here's the page for February using the A Muse pre-printed calendar.
Stamps: Memory Box Branch heart
Inks: Memento lady bug

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